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A dry home is a healthy home and is also a lot easier to heat.

Air Conditioning Units or “Heat Pumps” work better along side positive pressure home ventilation systems.

We are authorised Smartvent installers. Smartvent have a great range of positive pressure home ventilation systems, products to suit any sized home.

Positive pressure ventilation systems drive out moist damp stale air by replacing it with fresher drier air from the roof space which is passed through a filter before being gently distributed around the home via diffusers set in strategic points. Add on a heat transfer kit to your system and you can move heat from one room to other rooms or areas of the home that require heating. Or simply recover that free heat energy that is stored up in your roof cavity and distribute this into the home.

The flagship Synergy system recovers that precious heat in your home while still replacing damp stale air with fresh dry air. This system has an integral heat exchanger that will recover up to 90% of the heat from the extracted air and transfer this to the incoming air which is delivered back into the home.

Damp warm conditions without air movement are perfect breeding grounds for the dust mite. The minute dust mite, which feeds on microscopic fungal growth and dead human skin cells, is now acknowledged to be a major offender in allergic reactions. These dust mites have also been proven to be a link to Asthma symptoms.

For more information on Smartvent product please follow this link to a product information page.


Heat Pumps are a great and efficient way of heating and cooling your home. We are authorised installers for LG, Carrier & Toshiba brands of air conditioning (heat pump) units. These units come with a full 5-year manufacturers warranty for parts and labour.

We can also offer other brands if you specifically require. Or we can simply install a unit that you may have purchased elsewhere yourself.

Feel free to check out some of the great Toshiba range of products from the link on this page.

We have product on display in our showroom in Taipa should you wish to come in and check out the latest new Inverter technology units.

For a free no obligation installation quote please contact us and we can arrange a time for one of our staff to come and quote a system that best meets your needs.

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